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How it Works

BYG Strategy Process


We are a Strategy Consulting Firm based on a core question: Does the future inform the present or does the present inform the future?  Each of our engagements is tailored to the particular problem that needs to be solved. Below is a sample flow: 

  1. PROBLEM. Start with a clearly defined problem to be solved.

    1. Base this problem on your community’s pressing needs and compelling aspirations.

    2. Challenge your community to identify big ideas. 

    3. Describe your ideal state outcome.

  2. CHOICES. Develop and socialize a strategy process that forces you to choose. 

    1. This strategy drives your planning. 

    2. Create a compelling vision from your richly described ideal future.

    3. Develop a clear ‘way to play’ that clarifies your audience + offerings.

    4. Link this ‘way to play’ to clear activities that provide superior + unique value.

  3. ACTIONS. Execute for success + impact.

    1. Resource the strategy + invest in people and their capabilities.

    2. Identify the critical skills and core activities that must consistently be performed at the highest level to provide superior value.

    3. Empower the team to make choices. Connect silos so they are interoperable. 

    4. Determine the systems, processes, and structures to support your choices.

  4. STORY. Integrate + acculturate + amplify.  

    1. Link the strategy meaningfully to your community’s rhythms.

    2. Implement for cultural evolution + managerial success.

    3. Invest in storytelling to develop + extend your organizational narrative. 

  5. PERFORMANCE. Chart progress.

    1. Define, align, and measure strategic milestones + outcomes

    2. Align these milestones + outcomes to goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics.

    3. Combine key performance indicators (KPIs) that monitor benchmarks with objectives and key results (OKRs) that help you track audacious, strategic goals linked to your new direction.

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