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Higher ed

Colleges and universities of all size, type, and mission.

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People with ideas in need of organizing or direction.

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Associations, places of worship, libraries, or nonprofits.

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small business

Companies in any industry with 200 employees or less.

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Higher education

Institutions of higher education need actionable and executable plans to anchor their direction and help guide them through turbulent times. BYG supports institution-wide planning as well as unit or departmental planning. We focus on developing plans that are meaningful and executable.

Small business

What steps do you need to take to future proof your business? What is your staffing plan? Who is your competition? What challenges threaten your business model? Do you have a firm grasp on your market's needs? What's coming next? 


Not all good ideas are good ideas; that is, "having good ideas is different than executing on them and making them sustainably successful." What is your idea's value proposition? Who is your market? What steps do you need to take to transform your idea into a fully formed enterprise?


Nonprofits are just like any organization: they have aspirations, markets, competition, and services, programs, or products to meet their customer's needs. Like other organizations, they need planning to help them navigate the future. 

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