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Twenty four ways to be a transcendent leader

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

  1. Define your organization’s purpose and stick to it.

  2. Describe the mission of your organization in a way that would make your children proud of you if they told their friends at school about it.

  3. Transform compliance into commitment.

  4. Distinguish between anyone’s role and everyone’s job. Clarify that their apparent job is their role, but their real job is to help the team to win.

  5. Establish ethical principles that promote the well-being and development of everyone who comes in contact with the organization.

  6. Create a mission- and values-driven band of brothers and sisters.

  7. Ensure that all members of the organization have some measure of autonomy over how they discharge their duties.

  8. Urge people to take up challenges that will stretch and force them to learn new ways of thinking and acting.

  9. Compensate people competitively and equitably, but don’t rely on financial incentives to motivate them.

  10. Develop a strategy-enabling culture.

  11. Exemplify, exemplify, exemplify. Let your actions tell the people who observe you what your values are.

  12. Assume unconditional responsibility in the face of any circumstances you encounter. Own your part in the problem to be a part of the solution.

  13. Remember that you can’t always guarantee success, but you always have the unconditional power to guarantee integrity.

  14. Look at conflicts as strategic disagreements about the best way to reach the goal.

  15. Open conversations to resolve any conflicts, especially those you’ve been avoiding because you fear not being liked or upsetting others.

  16. Establish a system of escalating collaboration.

  17. Fulfill promises whenever possible, and when it’s not possible to do so, honor your word by letting the other know what the roadblock is and taking care of any consequences of your default.

  18. Ask others how you can personally do better and invite others to do the same.

  19. Don’t tell people what you expect from them. Instead, tell them what they have a right to demand from you and your leadership team.

  20. Remember a true leader has no followers. A true leader has “energy investors.” Get out of the way and be the way in which people connect to the mission and values.

  21. Tame your ego. Disrupt your automatic routines for dealing with your anxiety about your self-worth by noticing and relaxing your emotional pinches.

  22. Wake up from the dream of complacency, and disconnect the autopilot that keeps you stuck in the rut of familiarity.

  23. Take the hero’s journey. Accept the call of adventure in spite of your fears.

  24. Return to the market with helping hands. Be a superconscious capitalist, profiting from your service to those around you.

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